Commercial Chemical Dispenser Installation (mop sink, 3 comp sink, etc)

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Includes Equipment and Installation.

Installation of a P&G Professional chemical dispenser for Housekeeping, Foodservice Mop Sink, or 3-Compartment Sink.  Installation includes dispenser and other ancillary parts needed to connect and operate a P&G Professional TYTRO chemical dilution center.  Costs are for the installation of one dispenser unit regardless of the P&G Professional chemical application.  Dispensing will be calibrated to ensure cost controls and cleaning efficacy.

Pricing or installation does not include chemicals.  Chemicals are available from an authorized P&G Professional distributor.  A P&G chemical distributor can be located here.  P&G Professional chemicals must be purchased and available prior to installation.  

Programs for multi-location properties or restaurants can be requested directly with a P&G Professional Sales Representative.

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More Information
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